Improving Anti-Corruption Policies through an active civil society participation

The European Best Practices Transfer Conference & Training Session ”Improving Anti-Corruption Policies and Practices through an active civil society participation” took place in Bucharest (Senate of Romania/House of the Romanian Academy), in the perioad 25-27 May 2017. The event was organised by EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation with the kind support of the Senate of Romania in cooperation with the European Network for Education and Training – EUNET and co-funded by the “Europe for Citizens Programme” of the European Union and by the Hanns Seidel Foundation. The institutional partners were: the Senate of Romania – Commission for the Investigation of Abuse, Fighting Corruption and Petitions; “Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” Legal Research Institute of Romanian Academy; Romanian Union of Liberal Professions (UPLR).

The European Conference was preceded by the Integrity and Awareness Raising Training Session (House of the Romanian Academy – ”Pierre Werner” Hall, 25 May 2017), dedicated to practitioners, researchers and militants active or interested in the phenomenon of corruption and the process of improving the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, especially from the point of view of prevention and, in parallel, of the full respect for the human rights. The main foreign Guest Speaker, Prof. Vito D’ARMENTO, the International Responsible of SEE – European Society of Education Ethnography, provided a presentation concerning the comparison between the moral criteria distinguishing the honest and the corrupted persons. He considered that in the current post modern societies the level of public reputation is not any more so important. Also, he emphasized that the education in the area of preventing corruption could not be really decisive if not supported by other deterrent measures and majoritarian state of spirit of the civil society.

The European Best Practices Transfer Conference (Senate of Romania – ”Avram Iancu” Hall, 26 May 2017) took place în the presence of about 80 representatives of the majority of central institutions/authorities în the field of Justice or in the filed of the implementation of public policies on the rule of law: Ministry of Justice, National Anti-Corruption Directorate – Public Ministry, National Agency for Integrity, DIICOT – Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, National Administration of Penitentiaries, Anti-Corruption General Directorate (DGA) within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ANAF – National Agency for Fiscal Administration, Romanian Ombudsman, etc. As an Observer, the representative of the Embassy of Germany was also present.

At the end of the event, the participants adopted the OPEN-CALL in favour of a new national approach for preventing and combating corruption, based on a consolidated institutional convergence – Bucharest, Palace of the Parliament, 26 May 2017.

The Associated Media Partners of the event were: National Press Agency AGERPRES, TVH, Opinia Națională, BURSA,
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