Black Sea – Danube Integral Innovation Forum (ed. VI)

„The Necessity and Opportunity of Integral Innovation.

Creativity as a Development Strategy in the Black Sea – Danube Basin”


Bucharest, Senate of Romania, 14-15 April 2016

According to the Official Report “State of the Danube Region” (coordinated by ZEW – European Center for Economic Research in Mannheim, Baden Wurttemberg), elaborated after 5 years since the launching of the EUSDR implementation process in Romania and the other 13 Member States of the macro-region, the relaunching of the successful businesses and investments mostly depend on the introduction in practice of a deep and coherent concept, known as “Integral Innovation”, able to change mentalities, practices and the concrete rhythm of the implementation process.

As the local communities and universities succeeded only at small scale to become aware  of the importance to assume this model, we decided to place the sixth edition of the Black Sea – Danube Integral Innovation Forum under the sign of the following imperative: “The Necessity and Opportunity of Integral Innovation in the Black Sea – Danube Basin”.

The key-goal of the Forum is to largely promote and demonstrate the advantages of the transnational co-operation at the level of the Danube Region, and under the aegis of EUSDR. This requires to coagulate the most advanced mechanisms and methods through the emergence of the “communities of practices”, the internationalisation of clusters, the industrial renaissance of the most promising branches and the foundation of an integral innovation hub at the level of stakeholders of public and private sectors of the Lower Danube and the Black Sea Littoral.

The establishing and enforcing of the Danubian Community of Practices in favour of Innovation, as a concept taken from Knowledge Management theory, represents a continuation of the efforts started through the creation of the Inter-Academic Cooperation Centre (Palace of the Parliament, September 2015) and  specifically refers to the implementation of a mechanism of exchanging ideas, good practices and working methods, aimed to share knowledge between the involved members. This mechanism will allow the increasing of innovation impact on the social-economic competitiveness and on the quality of life of a larger group of citizens within the macro-region.

Organising Consortium


„Local Communities along the Danube River” Association – CLDR



Black Sea – Danube Regional Network for Social & Economic Innovation



Danubius Academic Consortium – DAC



Biodiversity Center of the Romanian Academy


CIO-SUERD logoEUSDR International Honorary Chair „Jean Bart” – CIO-SUERD



Institutional Partners

European Affairs Committee of the Senate of Romania

National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique (INCDMTM)

Knowledge Management Institute – Romania

USH Pro Business Center

International Institute for Integral Innovation

and with the kind support of the following institutions:

EUSDR National Coordinator Office – Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

ACRAFEAssociation of Romanian Consultants for the Accession of European Funds

BCCBR – Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania



The Forum will be organised with the support of the European Affairs Committee of the Senate of Romania – having as a Chairman Senator Octavian MOTOC and as a Honorary Guest the EUSDR National Coordinator – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Silvia DAVIDOIU –, of the Institute for Popular Studies, of other authorities and institutions motivated to relaunch the process of industrialisation for Romanian in the new context of SMART Specialisations process and of cross-border and transnational co-operation.

Special Guests (provisional list):

  • Association of Industries of Baden Wurttemberg – Mr. Senator Wolfgang WOLF
  • General Director of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) – Mr Sebastian METZ
  • Head of Advantage Austria – Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Austria – Mr. Rudolf LUKAVSKY
  • EUSDR National Coordinator (MFE) – H.E. Mrs Ambassador Silvia DAVIDOIU
  • Danubius Academic Consortium – Prof. George TEODORESCU
  • Embassy of Slovakia in Bucharest – H.E. Mr. Ambassador Ján GÁBOR
  • Embassy of Germany in Bucharest – Mr Achim TROESTER
  • Senate of Romania – Senator Octavian MOTOC
  • Chamber of Deputies – Deputy Florian NICOLAE
  • Ministry of Communications and Informational Society – Mr Cosmin Dorin TEODORU
  • Director of the Biodiversity Center – Acad. Alexandru T. BOGDAN
  • President of CLDR Romania, Mayor of Hârșova Town – Mr Tudor NĂDRAG
  • Executive Director of the Institute of Popular Studies – Mr  Răzvan ORĂȘANU
  • General Director of the National Institute of Mechatronics – Prof. Gheorghe GHEORGHE
  • President Knowledge Management Institute Romania – Dr. Octavian ȘERBAN
  • Director of USH Pro Business Center/National Export Council – Prof. Costin LIANU
  • Senior Advisor/CLUSTERO Association – Mrs Christina LEUCUȚA
  • President of East-West Management Munchen-Bukarest – Wienfried SENKER
  • Deputy Director of Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE) – Bulgaria – Prof. Juliana POPOVA
  • Executive Director of the Association of Danube River Municipalities – Bulgaria – Mrs. Maria TZANKOVA
  • President of AER – Romanian Ecological Action Foundation – Prof. Teclu CODRESI
  • Director of „Comunicații Mobile” Magazine – Mr Ion VACIU
  • Secretary of Ilfov County Council – Monica TRANDAFIR
  • Secretary General of the Union of Liberal Professions in Romania (UPLR) – Nicolae MIRICA
  • President of CINAQ Association – Dr. Georgeta GHETE
  • President of PartNET Association – Prof. Iolanda MIHALACHE
  • EUSDR International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” Coordinator – Prof. Asociat Sever AVRAM
Agenda of the Forum

We mention that for interested participants from outside Romania, there are no participation fees for the two-days Forum. For detailed information, please contact the Organising Consortium at

By organizing the sixth edition of the Black Sea-Danube Integral Innovation Forum, the Organizing Consortium aims to take advantage of the presence of a large number of guests and participants, in order to be able to support the formation of consortia for future partnership and to group the potential beneficiaries interested in major projects for the public and private sectors in Romania.

Continuing a tradition instituted in 2011, the“Danube-Black Sea” Action Group – coordinated by EUROLINK-House of Europe – initiated a strong institutional lobby in favor of key innovative ideas and initiatives, by conferring the Title of Innovator – Investor in the Black Sea – Danube Region, to reward or encourage the innovative character of various projects / initiatives in macro-regional context.


The Title: Innovator / Investor in the Black Sea – Danube  Region – 2016

  • BLAXY PREMIUM RESORT & HOTEL – Innovator & Investor in the Black Sea Area
  • TRAVEL FOCUS ROMANIA ASSOCIATION – Innovation in Entrepreneurship & Tourism Consultancy
  • CAESAR FOUNDATION – Social & Civic Innovation
  • FEDERATIA AGRICULTORILOR FERMIERUL – Innovator in Agriculture and Bioeconomy
  • MECHATREC Cluster – Technological Innovation
  • TDP Partners – Innovator in Project  Management & Consultancy
  • A HEAT GROUP – THEME BUCHAREST – Innovator in Welnes & Spa Tourism


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