In the emerging phase, CLDR was composed of 17 founding institutional members, representing, on the one hand, local communities / municipalities, and following the recent recommendations of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union, also universities, national research centres and other important organizations of the civil society: the local communities of Hârsova, Feteşti, Năvodari, Ghindăreşti, Topalu; EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation,  Romanian Ecological Action Foundation, Spiru Haret University – Romania of Tomorrow Foundation, Danubius University in Galati – “Benone Pusca”Foundation,  Association „Architects without borders”, National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development “URBAN-INCERC”, National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism in Romania – ANTREC, Professional Association for Quality in Training for Public Administration – CINAQ, PartNET Association – Partnership for Sustainable Development, Alumni Association of the College of Europe – Romania, Romanian Academy – Center of Studies and Researches for Agrosilvical Biodiversity “Acad. David DAVIDESCU”, Geological Institute of Romania. More information

Furtherly, CLDR was joined by:  Association Professional Consult 2009 in Craiova, Western University “Vasile Goldis” in Arad, Western University in Timisoara,  Constanta Metropolitan Area, Constanta Maritime University, Tomis University in Constanta – Gaudeamus Foundation, CODATU Association from Romania,  National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique – INCDMTM, Corabia Town, ILFOV County Council, Comune of Saraiu, House of Education Association Reghin, Municipality of Moldova Noua, Association ”Simona Kadas” and the Romanian Society for Research in Dentristy.


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