Recommendations following the Regional Consultation – Constanta, 1 July

At the kind initiative of the Romanian Authority of Tourism – ANT belonging to the Romanian Government, of the EUSDR Contact Point within the European Funds Ministry and  also of CLDR – Romania Association on July 1st 2016 , it took place the first regional consultative reunion in Constanta, at the headquarters of the Maritime University. This event was honored by representatives of both chambers of the Romanian Parliament, most of important ministries and other governmental agencies, universities and city halls.

Through consensus, some proposals and recommendations were identified in order to be submitted to the attention of the Romanian Prime Minister Chancellery.  These ones are considered to be crucial to consistent improvement of the EUSDR implementation of projects and for the attracting new foreign investments in the Danube – Black Sea area:

1. The need to continue the consultative meetings around the country, with the kind support of ANT and other partners;

2. To arrange an appointment at the highest decision-level of the Romanian Government for speeding up the process and preparing some major project proposals on the occasion of Bratislava EUSDR Forum;

3. To support the Ministry of European Funds draft project proposal in association with CLDR Romania in order to be promoted on the occasion of the Joint Governmental Commission Romania-Baden Wurttemberg referring to the creation of the Danube Community of Practices in favor of Innovation through promoting the Knowledge Management within the central and local public administration,

4. The emergence of an institutional partnership with the Ministry of Education for developing an information and promotion campaign about Danube Strategy among the young generation;

5.Granting a larger support by both governmental and non-governmental parts to the already agreed mega-projects related to bio-diversity and of implementing the Daniube Delta Master Plan;

6. The creation of a projects and solutions laboratory, through the co-operation between CLDR and the Maritime University in Constanta, aimed to activate its own web portal inter-connected with the Community of Practices, with the National Danube Officers Network and with other similar European websites;

7. Kindly request of  deeper support from the Romanian Government in order to extend the Danubian movement in Romania and increase the inter-institutional lobby capabilities of CLDR.

At the end, the delegates agreed to disseminate and promote these proposals and recommendations in order to fulfill a more consistent co-operation and implementation climate of Danube Strategy in Romania.

Attached, there is the provisional EUSDR major projects supported by CLDR and its Baden Wurttemberg partners.