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Rewarding excellency within the Gala ”Integrity, Good Governance and Social Responsibility”

Press Release

As a follow-up of the European Conference deployed in May 2017, at the Palace of the Parliament, and co-sponsored mainly by EUNET and Hanns Seidel Foundation Romania, on the occasion of celebrating 20 years of permanent activity of the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation in Bucharest-Romania, on the 8th of December 2018, it took place at the Cotroceni National Museum, at the headquarters of the Romanian Presidency, a special Gala Ceremony for rewarding leading personalities from Romania and other EU countries for their contribution to the Europeanisation of Romania and the promotion of integrity, good governance and social responsibility.

One of the ”Integrity, Good Governance and Social Responsibility” Cups, together with the Diploma of Excellence was conferred to EUNET President, Mr. Richard STOCK, also coordinator of the Centre European Robert Schuman, in recognition of his merits related to the promotion of the European Idea in Central-Eastern Europe.

In the same time, the Danube Head Commissioner, Mr. Peter LANGER, General Coordinator of CoDCR from Ulm – Baden Wurttemberg Land also received a similar distinction for his personal support to a better implementation of EU Danube Strategy in Romania.

The Gala was hosted thanks to the support provided by the Presidential Counselor Mrs. Elena Simina TANASESCU and the General Manager of the National Museum of Cotroceni, Mr. Liviu Sebastian JICMAN, and was preceded by a debate, organised in partnership with the Romanian Smart City and Mobility Association and CLDR Romania, about the relation between Smart City and Good Governance principles, honored by the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Cristian WINZER, State Secretary and Ministerial Coordinator of the Danube Strategy implementation in Romania.

For more information please contact the Organising Consortium at info@houseofeurope.ro.

For conformity,
EUROLINK-House of Europe

Bucharest, 11 December 2017