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Black Sea – Danube Integral Innovation Forum (ed. VI) – Bucharest,14-15 April 2016


Black Sea – Danube Integral Innovation Forum (ed. VI)

The Necessity and Opportunity of Integral Innovation.

Creativity as a Development Strategy in the Black Sea – Danube Basin”

~ Palace of the Parliament – Senate of Romania, Bucharest 14-15 April 2016 ~

According to the Official Report “State of the Danube Region” (coordinated by ZEW – European Center for Economic Research in Mannheim, Baden Wurttemberg), elaborated after 5 years since the launching of the EUSDR implementation process in Romania and the other 13 Member States of the macro-region, the relaunching of the successful businesses and investments mostly depend on the introduction in practice of a deep and coherent concept, known as “Integral Innovation”, able to change mentalities, practices and the concrete rhythm of the implementation process .

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